Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Guthrie Herds Them In

Exterior view of the Guthrie from 2nd Street
Photo Credit: Roland Halbe

The rounded exterior of the new Jean Nouvel-designed facility for the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis "echoes the area’s adjacent grain silos," according the theater’s press release. But my local tablemates at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' pancake breakfast informed me that the theater's shiny midnight-blue skin evokes a particular brand of silo---the high-end “feed storage systems” manufactured by Harvestore and favored by many area farms. Here, in a CultureGrrl exclusive (who else would bring you this?), you can see the Guthrie fronted by the photos of legendary actors and the silos fronted by very photogenic cows.

What does this say about how the Guthrie regards its audience?!?
(Time will tell: Regular performances begin there on Saturday.)

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