Thursday, June 08, 2006


Where in the World is Lee Going?

A museum wing named for a corporation?

That would be the new Target Wing for 20th-century art, a main attraction at a greatly expanded American museum, opening to the public on Sunday. It's named for the philanthropic mega-retailer. I guess this is not the first wing to bear a corporate moniker (think the London National Gallery's Sainsbury, funded by the supermarket moguls).

This company wing thing suggests many creative marketing opportunities: The Boeing Wing? The Kentucky Fried Chicken Wing?

I am looking forward to meeting “local celebrity pancake flippers,” who, according to the museum's press release, will be plying their spatulas at Sunday's opening bash. Are they celebrities, we wonder, because of their expert pancake flipping, or are they illustrious personnages who flip pancakes for fun on Sundays?

I think I need to stop blogging and do some serious reporting for a few days. Don’t you agree?

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