Thursday, June 15, 2006



My apologies to Dottie Cannon, Griddle Griswold's pancake partner, who has politely informed me that she is not Miss Black Minnesota, as the director of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts had identified her at the press preview for the museum's new wing. She is, in fact, Miss Minnesota USA---a contestant in the recent Miss USA pageant.

CultureGrrl deeply regrets the error. I did not do an appropriate job of fact-checking. But having now visited the Miss USA website, I've learned that although Cannon did not place in the top 15, she WAS chosen by her fellow contestants as Miss Congeniality---"the most congenial, charismatic and inspirational participant."

Sandra Bullock, please take note.

I also learned, on Cannon's bio page, that she was a communications specialist at Target Corporation, making her a particularly fitting pancake-flipper at the opening of the MIA's Target Wing.

Meanwhile, the MIA's director, better known as Bill, good-naturedly assured me by e-mail: "YOU can call me 'Griddle Griswold' whenever you like."

It seems to me that everyone in Minnesota is a good sport!

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