Saturday, June 24, 2006


Le Cirque's Quirks

If you've been reading CultureGrrl for a long time (well, at least since the beginning of this month), you may remember that I dissed the dishes at Sirio Maccioni's latest watering hole in my post, Le Cirque: All Buzz, No Honey, a mournful account of the Getty's press breakfast.

Now veteran foodie Raymond Sokolov, my long-time editor at the Wall Street Journal's "Leisure & Arts" page (before Eric Gibson took over), explains "why New York's newly updated Le Cirque is behind the culinary times."

In today's WSJ (which allows no weblinks because it's subscribers-only), Ray observes: "There are plenty of people who will continue to believe they are in the best restaurant in New York, even though they are really extras at the circus."

In the same review, he offers extensive praise for another new restaurant in New York, Del Posto. But you'd never know it from the headline, which alludes only to the better known, less accomplished establishment.

Speaking of "Posto," I need to stop posting for a few minutes, and start writing a piece for the aforementioned "L & A" page, for the aforementioned Eric.

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