Monday, June 19, 2006


"F-111" Flies Again

Having seen my lament that James Rosenquist's iconic "F-111" disappeared into storage after mega-MoMA's inaugural exhibition, curator Ann Temkin alerted me that the magnum opus is going back on display this week, in a space adjacent to "Artist's Choice: Herzog & de Meuron, Perception Restrained"---a show that has its press preview tomorrow and opens to the public on Wednesday.

Well, that's a start. Now what about Ellsworth Kelly’s “Colors for a Large Wall” and Richard Serra’s “Intersection II”? I know that the latter will be featured in Serra's upcoming retrospective, but I'm talking about long-term, rather than temporary, display for these major (if unwieldy) MoMA-owned masterpieces.

Oh, and I previously forgot to mention---let's not cut out one of Matisse's most celebrated cutouts, the Olympic-sized "Swimming Pool."

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