Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A Bullish Welcome to My WSJ Readers

A number of you have been inspired to click on my seven-week-old blog for the first time, thanks to the author's ID at the end of my piece in today's Wall Street Journal ("Prehistoric Artistry, Real and Recreated," Page D6). So, to get you up to speed, here's a selective link-list of CultureGrrl's provocative posts, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous:

Black Cloud Over the Met
MoMA Does It Right
De Montebello/Hoving Contretemps
How Hilton Kramer Got Wild
Brits Can't Return Nazi Loot
Rethinking Antiquities
Top 10 List: What's Not to Like About Mega-MoMA---I
Top 10 List: What's Not to Like About Mega-MoMA---II
Hadid: Diva Indeed
Where In the World Is the Guggenheim?
The Art Market Is Not the Stock Market
Meandering in Minneapolis

Please also scroll down to my "Rooting Out Loot" piece, posted yesterday, along with Max Anderson's "BlogBack." Hope you decide to keep returning to the Grrl!

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