Wednesday, May 24, 2006


No Scoop After All

In a previous post, I bragged that only CultureGrrl could tell you how my fellow Bronx Science-ite, Daniel Liebskind, got his start.

Then, yesterday, I started leafing through his memoir, Breaking Ground, and saw that this was old news:

When we moved to New York, I took a technical drawing course at the Bronx High School of Science, and I loved it. On the days I had class, I would wake up at five a.m., excited by what was in store. After school, I'd finish my homework as I walked home [talk about multi-tasking!], so that I'd have the rest of the day to practice my technique. I was driven to insane, finger-numbing drawing sessions that lasted well into the night.

Trust me, no one at Bronx Science loved that class the way he did. For most of us, it was an onerous requirement. I wonder what his project was for the next year's follow-up class, the equally maligned Science Techniques Laboratory, for which I drew up plans and constructed a sextant (which didn't work).

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